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MadinaAPPS is helping several Mosques throughout the word in building state of the art Masjid Websites, Custom Mobile Apps, Donation Kiosks

We can help you launch Masjid Websites that inspire Community members. Help them locate Programs and Services far more easier. Mosque Websites should not be just Stagnant information pages. Its your channel to communicate with community members of all ages.

Many mosques/Masjids still thinks having professional interactive websites cost lot of money, that is not the case. MadinaAPPS have a dedicated resources which are continuously thinking on how to bring best possible IT solutions to Masajids

While designing the Masjid website we consider lot of things which includes
Stunning Masjid Websites with best possible looking visual design
Modern mobile friendly Masjid Websites with all bells and whistles
Super Easy Content Navigation
Great Looking banners on home page
Well designed Donation pages and campaigns
Beautiful looking images that are not getting stretched in responsive layouts
Programs and Services and member registrations
Single control panel to update your programs, Prayer times, Events that will cater website, app, kiosks, Masjid TV displays etc
List of different outreach and Dawah activities

Website Features

Responsive Web Design

Our Masjid Websites are Modern mobile friendly and responsive websites with all bells and whistles. Website are modern look and feel.

Customized Navigation Menu

You will have ability to customize multi level navigation menu. It will help users to navigate to multiple section of Masjid website. With our years of experience in Masjid Website Development we will guide you on how should Navigation menu be organized.

MadinaAPPS Control panel/Content Management System(CMS)

We will provide a Control Panel/CMS to control all the content of website.

Online Donation Pages (one time and recurring)

We will integrate Online Donation pages on your website. Which will help users make online donations with few easy clicks. You will be able to manage all donation categories from MadinaAPPS Control panel. You will also be able to set default payment amounts. Collect donations on-line easily and efficiently using a secure payment gateway(Stripe). Users will be able to make one time or recurring payments/donations.  This page is very one of most visited page of website. We have made it easy for users. Masjid admin users can customize this page with few easy clicks

Daily Prayer Timings

On home page users will be able to see daily prayer times. We have options of showing prayer schedule in vertical or horizontal fashions depending on overall website layout. User also have option to see Monthly prayer schedule.

MadinaAPPS Control panel allows you to generate prayer times depending in Masjid location. We also provide option for admin user to choose Calculation Method, Juristic Method, Islamic Date offsets etc.
You will have option to show Islamic dates on website.  
Prayer timetables is most visited area of website and we have made it way to easier to maintain this section on website.

Friday Prayer timings

Masjids expect larger crowd for Friday prayers. Some Masajids have one Friday prayer while others  have multiple Friday prayer to accommodate crowd   You can configure more than one Friday prayer timings in Control Panel. You can also show details related to location and khateeb details. You have option to show Khutba start times and Iqamah Start times.

Ramadan Prayer timings

In Ramadan lot of people are interested in seeing local Ramadan timings. We offer back-end to generate Sahoor and Iftar times based on your location. You have ability to adjust these times manually as well.

Events Calendar

Masjid admin can create various one time or repeating events. Events can be categorized in multiple categories (e.g. General Events, Youth Events, Sisters Events, Kids Events etc). These Events are easily accessible from Website and mobile app.

Social Media Integration

You can get connected to community via several social media sites.  We have ability to configure these social sites on website pages. Users will be able to share website pages, events on their social networking accounts.

Ask Imam Section

Users will be able to easily communicate with your local Imam / Resident Scholars. There will be form on website which users can fill with their details and questions for Imam.  Imam will be able to see Questions in Control Panel and will have option to respond back with answers

Educational Programs

Masajids are becoming education hub. Masajids facilitate and promote year-round educational offerings to the local Community, including religious and vocational programs. You will be able to configure such Educational Program pages and add content to website. Community members will be able to navigate to these pages and register for these programs.


Masajids provides several social and local services to community. We need to showcase all of these Services on website/mobile apps.  There is a separate section in control panel to control services offered.

Newsletter Signup

We have integration modules with several Email Marketing Services. Users will have option to subscribe to several newsletter groups (e.g. General Weekly updates, Youth Programs, Sisters Programs etc)

Online Video Streaming Integration

we can integrate with any video steaming partner such as YouTube or Facebook live

Online Forms

We can integrate with online forms such as wufoo forms

About us

You can edit content of this page any time. It can show details about your organization, mission statements, Vision,  Board of Directors, committees etc

Contact Form

Contact form which can generate emails to different emails depending on configuration.

Local Business Directory

It always helps community to keep involved. Local Business directory page offers you to add local businesses on website. Masjid can also charge small fee for listing. This will bring one additional generate revenue.

Photos Galleries

You will have options to create Photo Galleries

Online Surveys

You can create online Surveys

Articles and Blogs

You can add many articles and blogs to website