Next Generation Masjid IT Solutions
A better way to control your Masjid Website, Masjid APP , Donation Kiosks, Masjid TV Displays, Push Notifications, Events and much more from one single source.

Masjid Donation Platform

Complete Donation Platform. Start accepting Donation with few easy clicks

Bulk SMS/ Robo Calls

Send Bulk SMS messages or Audio calls to community with few simple steps

Masjid Management

You focus on Masjid Operations with our Next Generation Masjid IT Solutions.

Masjid Website Design

Modern Website Designs loaded with features.

Masjid Donation Kiosk

Accept One time and Recurring Donations inside masjid with wall mounted kiosk.

Masjid Display System

Control your TV Display with various options like Prayer times, Slides, Events etc.

Tap 2 Pay

Accept Magstripe, Chip (EMV), Contactless (EMV + NFC), Apple Pay, Google Pay

Mobile Payments System

Accept Donations/Payments on the go with our Mobile Payment Solutions

Custom Masjid Mobile App

Keep your community informed with latest Events, prayer times, Notifications etc.

Text 2 Donate System

Accept Donations Via Text/SMS. Donors get Receipt via Text.

School Management

Start accepting Fees for various School Program. Manage your School efficiently.

Masjid Donation Kiosk

  • Secure, Latest Cutting Technologies 
  • Cost effective Donation Kiosk
  • Increase your donations 
  • One time and Recurring donations
  • Collect Programs and Services Fees
  • Collect Events Fees & Tickets Sales
  • User friendly and less clicks and Touch Screen
  • Wall mounting capable

Custom Masjid Mobile Apps

  • 5 Daily Prayer Timings and Notifications.
  • Multiple Friday Khutba times with Khateeb info.
  • Custom Push Notifications .
  • Programs and Events calendar.
  • Integration with Donation Pages.
  • Location aware for easy Directions.
  • Live Streaming of Audio Video Integrations
  • Newsletter Integrations like Mail-chimp.

Masjid Websites

  • Events Listing & Contact Forms
  • Online Donations and Campaigns 
  • Online Streaming Integration
  • Easy Content Management
  • Blogs and articles
  • Newsletter and Volunteer signups
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Forms

Text2Donate / Masjid TextBot

  • Increase your Masjid Donations During Difficult times
  • Donors will be able to donate with one simple Text
  • Donor receives Donation receipt via text
  • Send and receive Text Messages
  • Can be used to send Bulk Messages
  • Interactive Text Messaging
  • “Prayer times” can  return todays prayer times
  • “Donate 20” can help you donate

Mobile Credit Card Swipers

  • Secure, Latest Cutting Technologies 
  • Cost effective Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Accept donations any where 
  • One time and Recurring donations
  • User friendly and less clicks
  • Works with variety of Payment Gateways
  • 100 % Secure
  • Email Donation receipts

Masjid Display System

  • Control your TV Display with our device
  • Ability to display 5 times prayer times. 
  • Ability to display image slideshows.
  • Contents can be controlled remotely
  • Option to put TV in sleep mode during Salah times
  • Choose from variety of Color themes.
  • System can be used to showcase Events
  • System can be used to show local business advertisements.

Masjid Robocalls

  • Use current customer numbers
  • Import new numbers using excel or CSV file
  • Record Voice
  • Broadcast

How We Work

Design inquires into the nature of a problem to conceive a framework for solving that problem. In general, planning is problem solving, while design is problem setting.
2. Design
These include WordPress websites and eCommerce solutions focused on usability and responsive design, creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business.
3. Launch
Imagine a website that is built beautifully, with all your products and services listed and a very attractive design to hold back visitors.



“Awesome App. Awesome work done by the developers. May Allah SWT bless them in this world and hereafter. Aameen.”

iOS User, App Store.

“Excellent,masha Allah Excellent app, Masha Allah. Pretty good content and nice user friendly interface. May Allah bless the developers and provide them means to develop more apps like this to benefit the community and the ummah at large. Jazak Allah khair”

Android User, Google Play Store

“East Plano Islamic Center(EPIC) is excited to launch its new Mobile App on both Android and Apple platforms. Now you have, at your finger tips, access to prayer times, important updates & reminders (push notifications), events, live streaming & videos, donation, social media integration etc.”

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