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  • RModern Masjid Websites , State of the art and trending Designs
  • RLoaded with almost all possible Features
  • RAccept Online Donations with Easy clicks
  • RAccept Program Fees online
  • RMedia Gallery Prayer times
  • RDaily / Weekly updates
  • REvents Listing & Contact Forms
  • ROnline Donations and Campaigns
  • ROnline Streaming Integration
  • REasy Content Management
  • RBlogs and articles
  • RNewsletter and Volunteer signups
  • RSocial Media Integration
  • ROnline Forms & Registrations
  • RServices Listing
  • RCommittees Listing
  • RDuas
  • RLocal Business Listing
  • RFull Qur’an Explorer
  • R And Much More ...

What our Clients Say

Our masjid website was outdated and during early days of the pandemic, we realized the need for an update. With a tight schedule, we engaged MadinaApps to update the website and develop the phone App. Alhamdulillah their team delivered and both were well received in the community.

MadinaAPPS Team is very responsive, professional, prompt and take time to understand customer needs. We are integrating other services offered by MadinaApp such as Masjid Prayer timings Display, Donation Kiosks, Fundraising tools etc. so everything is under one platform.

Highly recommended.

Muslim Association of Bolingbrook

We Are In Continious Development Process

MadinaAPPS is in process of continuous refining our products and services. Technologies are changing every day. New payment methods are getting added on frequent basis. We keep on top of it. We listen to our customers and implement new ideas. This helps Masajids to serve their communities in more efficient ways.

Better Software

We offer most connected and integrated Platform for Masajids/ Islamic Organizations. Very easy to all your channels through one single control panel.

Better Price

Dont Spend thousands of Dollar in reinventing software. We have spent years on building this Platform and we offer it in very reasonable pricing.

Better Support

Our Highly Qualified Support team here to offer you technical support any time. We are adding m